Here is the demo video in which you can find main features of our product.

SNMP Receiving Trap

Good news from our team we accomplished to receive and monitor sent SNMP traps. We will create SNMP Agents for devices in the network and they will be threads. In our system they send traps and now we can see sent traps.

Furthermore we can send ip of devices and any information. We were not sure to send them but now we understand the concept more.

We will give more detail instruction later.

Configuration Management Report


We have finished Configuration Management Report. In a few days later we will upload it here and also we will upload to our website :

SNMP Sending Trap

We have just accomplished to send SNMP trap 🙂 In a few days we will upload our codes to our project at Google Code. At this point we try to configure a SNMP Agent. After that we will write a server which listens a port and SNMPAgents will send traps that address.

Hello world!

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